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Workplace Giving

Click here to download a workplace giving application form.

No matter how big or small, every donation makes a difference. Workplace Giving is an effective way for employees to regularly donate to a charitable organisation through automated payroll deductions, through your pre-tax dollars. Workplace giving is optional. Both the employee and the employer must agree to participate. To set up a Workplace Giving Program the charitable organisation must have:

-A deductible gift recipient (DGR) status (Autism SA has the DGR status)

-Your employer might also consider matching donations, dollar for dollar

-Your donations will reduce your taxable income, so you benefit every pay.

-You do not need receipts for your donations, your donations will be included in your annual employer’s PAYG payment summary.

-It doesn’t affect your gross income or superannuation….all it does is make a positive difference to support the work of Autism SA!

Please click here to view the Autism Sa Workplace Giving Powerpoint Presentation. 

Matched Donations

Many employers will match the donations of their employees. We encourage all employees to approach their Human Resources team to ask if this is something their organisation offers. Your organisation could match your regular donations, or even one-off donations such as those made to our appeals or community fundraising events like fun run.

 It’s certainly worth asking!