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Therapy Groups

Registrations for these groups for the April 2020 school holidays will be listed here soon. 


Come play with us - Learning preschool skills

Autism SA has a Learn and Play Preschool Skills program, available in January 2020.

Learn and Play is a group program where children are engaged in social language and sensory games and activities whilst supported to undertake social interactions with other children in their development of listerning, communication, turn taking, choice making and play skills. 

During the group sessions, children will participate in mat time, social games, language games and sensory games and activities. This group will help to encourage social interactions with other children of the same age, and help with the development of listening, communication, turn taking, choice making and play skills.

Age: 3-6 Years old

Duration: 1 hour (5 sessions over Monday-Friday)

Dates: January 13-17 2020. 

Locations: Netley and Elizabeth


Teenage Girls Social Group

Autism SA will be running a group specifically designed for teenage girls.

Throughout the group sessions, participants will be supported to better understand their diagnosis of autism alongside navigating the world as a teenager. This will involve exploring changes that will occur, and working on strategies to overcome any challenges they may face during this stage of life. 

Age: 12-17 years

Duration: 1 hour (5 sessions over Monday - Friday)

Dates: January 13-17 2020

Locations: Netley and Elizabeth


2020 Summer Fun Social Group

Autism SA is running a 2020 Summer Fun SPOT (Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy) Group! The fun group aims to encourage peer interactions, and will support your child to develop skills in attention, listening, communication, social skills, turn taking, choice making, gross motor and fine motor skills.

The group will participate in fun themed sessions, including a ‘birthday party’, ‘beach day’ and ‘Marvel Madness’ character dress ups.

There are three separate groups run by age level, including:

  • 7-9 years

  • 10-12 years

  • 13-16 years

Duration: 1 hour (5 sessions over Monday - Friday)

Dates: 20-24 January 2020

Locations: Netley and Elizabeth


Acceptance Commitment Therapy Group (over 18)

ACT stands for Acceptance Commitment Therapy and it teaches flexibility of thinking, how to see things from a different perspective, diffusion rather than avoidance, acceptance rather than judgement. ACT is an experiential therapy so it is fun and great for physical strategies.

A major difference from other therapies is its focus on values rather than goals. Adults with autism and parents/carers are welcome to participate in a therapeutic group aimed at more effectively addressing issues such as anxiety, stress, addictions, depression, burn out, and more. 

To learn more, view the flyer here. To register your interest in Acceptance Commitment Therapy Group, click here.