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Past Research Projects

Past Projects

A list of completed research projects which Autism SA has been involved with is provided below.

Thesis abstracts have been included for download where possible. Some theses are available from the Autism SA Resource Centre.

We thank the researchers involved for their contribution.

Research Subject Institution(s) Date of Document
Research Forum- Powerpoint  Autism SA  Nov- 20
Development and Evaluation of an Autonomous, Virtual Agent Based Social Skills Tutor for Children with Autism Flinders University Mar-18
Factors Affecting Social Skill Maintenance Following a Group-Based Video Modelling Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) University of Adelaide Oct-13
Adolescents with Asperger's Disorder and high functioning autism: experiences, needs and service requirements Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
Adolescent girls with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: presentation, challenges and support needs in the mainstream education system Flinders University Jan-15
Autism and immunisation: sifting myth from reality University of South Australia (SA) Sep-06
Autonomous virtual agents as social skills tutors for children with autistic spectrum disorders Flinders University Feb-10
Complementary and alternative medicines and dietary interventions in autism: a call for action University of South Australia (SA) Sep-06

Caruso - The impact of Autism Spectrum Disorder on parents and families: An investigation into parenting stress, self-efficacy, parental identity and use of social support

University of Adelaide
Complementary medicines and autism: a survey and literature review University of South Australia (SA) Sep-06
Developing a laboratory test to diagnose and subtype autism using metabonomics University of South Australia (SA) and Flinders University (SA) Sep-06
Early development concerns for females with late-diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder Flinders University
Employment and adults with Asperger syndrome: a phenomenological study which explores the employment experiences of eight adults with Asperger syndrome. University of South Australia (SA) Dec-09
Exclusion of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders from mainstream schooling: effects of the Disability Standards Flinders University (SA)
Face recognition and metacognitive monitoring in individuals with autism spectrum disorders Flinders University (SA) Sep-07

Friendship experiences of primary school age girls with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parents’ and teachers’ perspectives

The University of Adelaide Oct-16
Information needs of caregivers surrounding autism and complementary and alternative medicines and dietary interventions University of South Australia (SA) Sep-07
Investigating eye movement in Autism Spectrum Disorder Flinders University (SA) Feb-12
Investigating the relationship between quality of life and career development of parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. Flinders University Business School (SA)
Measuring the participation of children and adolescents in everyday activities University of South Australia Oct-11
Nutrigenomic investigation of the molecular and metabolic determinants of autism with respect to the folate/methionine pathway Autism Research Group, Sansom Institute, University of South Australia, CSIRO Division of Human Nutrition Apr-10
Pilot study of a Parent Education Package for ASD Intervention Decision-Making  Macquarie University (NSW) Nov-14
The development of infants with an increased risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders Flinders University (SA) Jun-10
The effect of animated social stories on emotion recognition and social functioning in children with pervasive developmental disorders Flinders University (SA) Mar-10
Time demands of caring for children with autism : what are the implications for maternal mental health University of Adelaide (SA) May-10
Parental stress in families with a typically developing child and child diagnosed with ASD: Influences of gender and birth order La Trobe University  Aug-16
Resilience in families raising a child with a neurodevelopmental disability  University of Adelaide Aug-16
The Effect of Brain Stimulation on Social Abilities in Autism Spectrum Disorder Flinders University Oct-15
The Efficacy of Models for Educational Service Delivery for Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder Macquarie University
Research Forum Autism SA Nov-18