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The future is popping bright for Sam

Mar 14 2019 12:29 PM

Sam Weavers is an 11 year old entrepreneur, sought-after speaker, fundraiser and humanitarian on the autism spectrum.

The schoolboy was only 10 years old when he started his thriving little popcorn business, selling his own handmade gourmet treat from the family home to customers all over Australia.

“Sam had been toying with the idea of starting a business for quite some time”, explains his mum Sally. Although he first set his sights on home-made chips, he quickly settled on popcorn instead. He was “tired of eating the same old flavoured popcorn that left a sugary, over-sweet taste in his mouth”. With the support from his parents, he made a ‘to do’ list and set about perfecting his popcorn recipes after school.

“His list included items like bags, labels, nutrition panels, business and food licences, safe food handling training, locate suppliers, perfect recipes, price, market research, etc.” says Sally. Before long, he was selling his popcorn to family and friends. Choc-mallow, cheddar, pink Himalayan salt, vegan caramel… his range of popcorn now comes in eight delicious flavours that include the best local ingredients Sam could find.

Launching the popcorn range in homemade black and white labels on zip lock bags, Sam quickly reinvested everything back into his business and was soon able to have professionally printed labels and bags which he designed in Adobe Photoshop (design software) – after he taught himself how to use it.

Today, Sam’s success at such a young age makes him a very sought-after speaker. He is regularly invited to schools and even by businesses to talk about his experience starting his own business. “His largest crowd was a hall filled with 1500 people” says Sally with pride. Sam’s reputation as a young entrepreneur continues to grow, and he has recently been invited to be a speaker at the 2019 Asia Pacific Conference (APAC). Sam excitedly tweeted “I was so shocked to receive an invitation today to be a guest speaker at the APAC19 conference in Singapore.  Other guest speakers are coming from England, USA, Belgium, Australia, etc. but I'm pretty sure I'm the only 11 yr old speaker! I'm so excited!”

Sam’s popcorn business has literally taken over the family home, but his parents wouldn’t dream to complain. “Sam has become more confident particularly talking in front of groups of people. He sells his popcorn at school and has become quite the star! Everyone knows him and they interact with him much more”, says his mum.

What’s in the works for him now? “He has plans to retire at 22 and set up a factory with a shop front!”

The future couldn’t be brighter for Sam.

You can check out Sam's website here! 

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