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School Holiday Programs

Aug 18 2020 3:57 PM

Looking to build skills and have fun this school holidays? Check out Autism SA's Term 3 School Holiday Programs, including Art Steps, Kids Aqua Skills and LEGO Club!

Art Steps School Holiday Program

 Artwork credit: Mikayla, Art Steps Participant

Autism SA's Art Steps School Holiday program is an opportunity for people to explore:

✔️ Creative expression

✔️ New skills

✔️ Building confidence

✔️ Developing interpersonal skills and more!

The creative sessions will foster the sharing of ideas and how to respect, encourage and work alongside each other. Participants will have art work to take home and share with their families and loved ones at the end of each day.

To register your interest for Art Steps School Holiday Program, please fill out this online form

LEGO® Club for 5-6 & 7-12 year olds


LEGO® Club is a fun social development program, delivered by our therapists that have been trained in the program. The group setting works with participants to builds skills in:

✔️ Attention & listening

✔️ Turn taking & sharing

✔️ Conversation

✔️ Problem solving & decision making

✔️ Fine motor skills

✔️ Playing with others

✔️ Emotional regulation and more!

To learn more about Lego Club, check out the flyer here. 

To register for LEGO® Club, please fill out this online form.


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