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iModeling App – UPDATED

Dec 5 2018 12:55 PM


The iModeling App has been significantly updated and improved and will replace the original iModeling app from the 12th of December.

The iModeling app is a Video Modeling app designed to teach a variety of skills to people with autism and other disabilities of any communication skill level.

Based on research into Video Modelling conducted by Autism SA and the University of Adelaide, you can use iModeling to create videos to teach skills to a person who is a visual learner. You can teach a diverse range of skills using iModeling including literacy skills, compliment giving, play skills, turn-taking, fitness skills, conversation skills and day-to-day life skills. 

For users that currently have the iModeling app, you will receive a message that the upgrade is available on the 12th of December. There is no additional cost to upgrade the iModeling App. If you have stored Video Models on your app, you will need to upload and save these prior to upgrading your app to avoid losing your footage. Please follow this link to instructions to do this.

If you do not currently have the iModeling app, you can download the new and improved iModeling app from the 12th December 2018 from iTunes -

For only $14.99, this app is a little gem!!

“Easy to use at home - great to teach skills to my child quickly.”- Mandazam, app user 

The original iModeling project and research was funded by the Telstra Foundation

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