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Helping people on the spectrum to cope with bushfires and other disasters

Jan 21 2020 11:52 AM

It is hard to overstate the devastation that has been wrought by the bushfires that have ravaged South Australia and much of the rest of the country throughout December 2019 and January 2020.

In particular, the destruction in the Adelaide Hills and the devastation that has occurred on Kangaroo Island, where almost 200,000 hectares have been affected, have hit both locals and the wider community hard. Lives have been lost, property destroyed, and our television news and social media pages are full of heart-wrenching images of the literally hundreds of millions of animals who have been killed or had their habitats destroyed.

It is hard not to be affected by the sight of so much destruction, and many people have been affected in ways that are likely to leave a long-lasting effect.

As society as a whole comes to terms with the aftermath of the fires, there will be much discussion about causes and how similar fires might be prevented in the future. However, talking about the fires, the damage they caused and what should follow, could be especially challenging for people on the spectrum. Read more.....

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