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CEO Update to Clients & Community - COVID-19

Dec 13 2020 10:39 AM

Dear Autism SA community,

In good news for many of us, COVID-19 cases have reduced in SA with no new ones, the Premier has announced further easing of restrictions in SA and we’re starting to see borders opening to us again. SA has done an amazing job collectively overall.

From Monday Dec 14th the following will apply:



Specific to Disability the following will apply:

There have been some special restrictions put in place by the Government for the health and safety of those of us using supports & services of disability providers, and for those of us working in the sector too. These are:

We, and our client/families/visitors, need to wear masks, unless one of the exceptions applies when at Autism SA or working with an Autism SA staff member. We are all hoping that this will cease on December 23rd. In the meantime, it’s the law and we all need to follow it.

You are welcome to wear whatever mask you like because it no longer must be surgical quality or a single-use, disposable one. If you would prefer to wear your own fabric mask then you’re welcome to do that too, as long as its washed, handled and stored according to the advice from SA Health.

If you do not have your own mask, you’re welcome to ask Autism SA to give you one. The mask regulations are changing a lot and we have updated our Decision Flow Chart (below and attached) which I’ve found really helpful when needing to make a decision about mask wearing for myself, a colleague or one of our valued clients or visitors.


Please help Autism SA to keep us all safe and well by leading the way in wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, sanitising your hands regularly. Your cooperation is everything and we rely upon everyone’s support.



I have also attached an updated version of our COVID-19 FAQs document for your reference. If you’ve consulted this and you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask them via:

Thanking You …

AUTISM SA’s Board thanked you for your cooperation and support under the challenging circumstances of 2019/20 and for continuing to inspire us by what you achieve on a daily basis.

On Wednesday night, Autism SA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and for those of you who weren’t able to attend, I am delighted to summarise the event, as follows:

  • We hosted our first virtual AGM, attended by Autism SA’s Board Members; who generously donate their time and who all, in some way, have Lived Experience with autism. The AGM was also attended by many of our valued Autism SA Members and supporters, our clients, their families, and staff
  • Health Colebatch was elected as a Client Representative Director for a term of 1 year, and he has a gorgeous son on the autism spectrum
  • We were treated to the story of Sarina and Christian, who are a parent and adult client of Autism SA. It was so motivating to hear of their triumphs over challenges and our role in supporting Christian and the family since his early intervention days. It is stories like these that continue to inspire us, and reminds us that need to remain strong, resilient, and sustainable
  • Autism SA’s Annual Report and our financial statements were released and is available on our website. 2019/20 was a defining year for Autism SA, and the challenges we have all faced over this time have reinforced Autism SA’s purpose, more than ever.

I encourage you to view our Annual Report. You will see our financial performance was positive, and we were fortunate this year we could realise the revenue from services performed in prior years. You will also see, as per prior years, we continue to invest back into providing more of what you want, undertaking capacity building and inclusion and investing in areas the vulnerable people in our community do not fall through the tracks.


That’s all from me for now. If you have any queries about your service or any of the information I’ve shared here, please do not hesitate to talk to your Autism SA staff member or contact us in any of the following ways:

PHONE 1300 288 476

This line operates Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.

You can also email us: for general enquiries to speak to one of our My Pathways team members.


 With kind regards,


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