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CEO Easter Message

Apr 9 2020 2:58 PM

Dear wonderful, inspirational Autism SA Community.

I’m going to start my Easter off with sharing a giant, purple, virtual Easter egg for every one of you. You deserve it! An egg is also a symbol of life which I think is very relevant right now as a new world emerges as a result of COVID-19.

I want to check-in as we head into the Easter long weekend, which is likely to be a very different Easter for many of us.

Over the last few weeks, I have heard so much about the variety of ways that members of our autism community have been dealing with the COVID-19 situation; some individuals and families are (understandably) finding it challenging to adapt to this “new world” and I congratulate you all for devising new ways to manage this time of change, for creating communities of support and for reaching out to agencies, such as Autism SA.

For others of us, this enforced distancing is a blessed relief.  A happy young person I spoke to the other day told me “It’s not a problem for me, because social isolation is my superpower, Jenny!”.

However you’re faring during these times, my team and I invite you to contact Autism SA on 1300 288 476 (1300 AUTISM) or email us via with your suggestions or queries and we can work together to make this time a little less challenging for us all.

On Tuesday, Australia’s Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer thanked the public for their cooperation and social distancing compliance and were optimistic about its effects, but also cautioned against us becoming complacent. This means that we’ll all have to remain at home, following the rules and protecting our community. Luckily the internet is full of amazing ways to undertake many virtual activities like travelling, going to the zoo, taking in a show or art exhibition.


Here are some of the ways that my family will be exploring the world, from home this Easter:

We are still working on how to prepare for Greek Orthodox Easter next week to recreate our traditions virtually, like “cracking red eggs” with yiayia (grandma) and pappou (grandpa) for Stefan, my gorgeous autistic son!


Feel free to share your stay-at-home ideas on our social media pages or email them to me via and we can send them around for others to enjoy.

Whatever you choose to do this Easter, please take the time to nurture your own wellbeing, enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation and reflect on being kind to yourself, along with recognising and acknowledging that you are doing a fantastic job in very unusual circumstances.


With regards,

Jenny Karavolos

CEO Autism SA

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