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Being vigilant around cybersecurity

May 8 2020 3:31 PM

Dear valued Autism SA Community

I trust that you and yours are well and coping with living in these unusual times. Today I am writing to you to provide advice around the topic of “Being vigilant around cybersecurity” so that you reduce the risk of being subject to fraudulent online behaviours and cybercrime, which unfortunately has risen globally over the past 6-weeks.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (Federal Government) has advised that we all increase our online vigilance and be on the lookout for attempts by cyber criminals to target Australians through a range of COVID-19 themed scams, fraud attempts and deceptive email schemes.

As Autism SA has been continually monitoring our own emails and texts, we have noticed an increase in attempts to get around our high-level online security systems via a variety of these fraudulent means. We are continuing to ensure that we maintain effective processes to deliver confidence and ask that you also keep an eye out for any suspicious emails of text which falsely represent to be from Autism SA.

To do this, please would you check that any email/text correspondence from Autism SA comply with the following:

  • Is an email from an address which follows the pattern of:, we do not use gmail or any addresses which do not include for our correspondence
  • On invoices, before you transfer any funds, please confirm that the bank account details haven’t been changed since last time you paid our invoice. If you’re unsure of what this should be, please give our Reception Team a call (08 8379 6976) and they’ll confirm it for you
  • We will never ask you for personal details such as bank account numbers, passwords or to update your records via electronic methods so please do not comply with any such requests if you receive them.

If you have any queries or concerns about an email or text/SMS that looks like it might be from Autism SA, please call us to confirm that we sent it. If you would like to know more about how to remain cyber safe at home, please read this advice from the Australian Cyber Security Centre or via this link:

Thank you for your continued assistance in preventing cybercrime and I invite you to share any suggestions regarding this matter with us via

Please do everything you can to stay healthy in mind and body, look out for those around you and check-in frequently with others. If you have any questions, including how we’re handling the COVID-19 situation, please contact our Pathways Team on 1300 AUTISM (1300 288 476) or drop us an email via

I look forward to connecting with you again soon,

Jenny Karavolos

CEO – Autism SA

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