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Empowering Communication Partners with AAC

Jul 14 2020 3:38 PM


Meet Bec! Bec is a Speech Pathologist at Autism SA who is passionate about supporting people, such as parents and carers, that support individuals who use AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) to communicate. AAC is a term that describes communication without speech - there are so many different ways to communicate, and speech is just one of them. In our latest video, Bec shared with us what AAC is and a sneak peek into Autism SA’s program that kicks off at Netley and Elizabeth this month:

 Autism SA’s AAC program has been developed specifically for communication partners, or people who support individuals who use AAC to communicate. The program, run by Bec and Autism SA’s Speech Pathology team, empowers communication partners to build their confidence in setting goals for the individuals they support and help them to implement strategies to achieve these goals.

The program is an opportunity to develop skills and get the most out of the AAC system, and will support in:

  • Understanding of AAC and development of skills;
  • The ability to effectively use an AAC system in the environments that a person requires support;
  • Effective guidance of what to work on next;
  • Confidence building, and capacity to model language on the AAC system;
  • Maximising the use of the AAC system to meet the goals of the person using the system to communicate; and
  • Networking with others who also support a person to use AAC to communicate.

We are thrilled that we are now able to offer this program at both Autism SA’s Elizabeth and Netley sites for Semester 2 2020, to empower communication partners to help the person they support to communicate and live the life they choose. To see the impact of AAC in the community, check out this video.

If you are a communication partner and would like to learn more, or join Autism SA’s AAC program, click here.

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