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In Memoriam Donations & Bequests

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In Memoriam Donations

An in memoriam donation is a special gift made to a charity in memory of a loved one. Autism SA appreciates you thinking of the organisation at this sad time and are here to support you and your family with the decision of leaving a gift.

Please contact David on (08) 8379 6976, or by email at, to arrange In Memoriam donation envelopes for your use.


Bequests are a valuable source of funds for charities. Leaving a gift for Autism SA in your will is making an investment in the future of our organisation, and helps Autism SA to make a world of difference for individuals on the autism spectrum and their networks. 

If you do not have a will, you may like to set one up at Charity Wills Australia or contact Australian Executor Trustees on 1800 882 218 or visit to find out more.

There are many things to consider when writing a will and we advise that you seek professional legal and financial advice.