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Media Page

News on Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Radio interviews and stories


Radio Adelaide 101.5fm: Autism SA announced their new Patron over the weekend, with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide Warren Bebbington undertaking a role close to his heart. Louise Pascale was joined by Professor Bebbington to discuss this development. Click here to listen.

891 ABC Adelaide: Click here to listen to the podcast with Prof. Bebbington and Matthew Abraham and David Bevan.

RPH Adelaide: Autism SA's Social media and communications Co-ordinator let us know about the opportunities some Shopping Centres had given youngsters with autism to meet Santa, click here to listen.

From around the Web

Sam von Einem’s Rio dream born in Abu Dhabi July 2016

Speech to the Committee for Economic Development (CEDA) Disability Employment Agenda Crown Towers Melbourne April 2015

Asperger syndrome, a trait in great demand - 2014 

Autism detectable 'in first months' - bbc 8 November 2013 

Temple Grandin reveals her advice for educating autistic kids - 14 August 2012

Video Links 

Humanimals: Episode 1 - "Dog's Body" - a film about a boy and his autism companion dog and the bond between human and animal. 

Owen, non-verbal teenages with autism, sings Moby -

Positive Partnership

Resources for culturally and linguistically diverse communities - click here for more information.

Autism SA Youtube Channel

Check out our channel for what we're up to, what event's we're part of and how you can get involved.

Useful guides

Autism SA is proud to launch an Airport Arrival and Departure Guide for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder with the support of Adelaide Airport Limited.

The purpose of these guides is to support people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and people who are unfamiliar with using Adelaide Airport to understand the process of arriving and departing through the Adelaide Airport. The guides will assist people living with ASD in providing prior notice of the processes and expectations of Adelaide Airport through visual aids and steps to follow. 

Visit the Adelaide Airport website for more information at:

Acknowledgment - Staff at Adelaide Airport for their assistance in the development of the booklet and Michelle Kappler who undertook and led this project whilst on placement at Autism SA.

The Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care

The Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care states simply and clearly the rights of children and young people who are under the guardianship or in the custody of the Minister for Education and Child Development.
The South Australian Parliament has legislated that any person involved with children in care in a formal capacity, such as a social worker or a carer, must consider and ‘seek to implement to the fullest extent possible, the terms of the Charter’ (Children’s Protection Act 1993, 52EF). The Charter is promoted and monitored by the Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People. Click here for more information.

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