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To order Autism SA Publications please call Autism SA on (08) 8379 6976, 9-5 Monday to Friday, or order from the Standard Publications List and Clearance Publications List. 

iModelling App

iModeling app is a Video Modeling app designed to teach a variety of skills to people on the autism spectrum and other disabilities of any communication skill level.

2017 Autism Conference Video; Kari Dunn Buron  

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This USB will capture the conference ‘Social Cognition and Emotional Regulation; Truly Understanding Behaviour’ held on the 7th of April 2017 at the Adelaide Convention Center.

Kari Dunn Buron is also the author of the widely used Incredible 5-Point Scale, When my Worries Get Too Big (Winner of the 2013 ‘Mum’s Choice Award) and many more practical, effective resources.
The 2017 Autism Conference focuses on how to develop social and emotional understanding in people on the autism spectrum and provide practical strategies to develop these skills in the home, school and other settings.
The Topics Include:
• What is social cognition? What does it have to do with behaviours of concern?
• How to use The Incredible 5 Point Scale to teach social and emotional concepts and behaviours.
• Cognitive control and executive functioning and how they relate to emotional regulation and Introception.
• Relationship building skills and relaxation strategies; and much, much more.

Visual Resource USB & User Manual

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The Visual Resource USB and User Manual contains more than 20-ready-made visual support templates and a step-by-step user manual to assist in supporting the needs of people on the autism spectrum. It contains:
• Classroom Schedule Cards
• Large ‘Work’ Schedule
• Noise Meter
• Stop, Wait, Not Available, Help and Break Cards
• ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ Cue Cards
• ‘Lining up’ Social Script
• ‘Waiting for the Computer’ Schedule
• The ‘5 Ls’ Visual
• ‘Who’s the Boss’ Visual’
• First…Then’ Cards
• ‘I am Working for…’ Cards with Target Behaviour Cards
• ‘To Do Lists’
• ‘The Incredible 5-Point Scale’ Visual Supports
• Emotional and Situation Cards
• Personal Clipboard Schedule x2 (different developmental stages)
• Step-by-Step Manual on how to create, display and use each visual support

‘Ami has Aspergers’ (2008)

Is a book written and illustrated by Jane Jolly to help teachers and students to understand their classmate who has Asperger Syndrome. It is written from the point of view of Ami’s friend and how she understands and helps Ami at school. Cost: $11.00, (non-members) and $8.00 (members) plus postage and handling.

‘Asperger’s and Bullying: An inclusive educational approach’ (DVD, 2013)

A series of 12 discrete educational videos are delivered on the first DVD. The second DVD includes a series of 12 interview segments with Donna Williams and Katherine Annear on the Autism Spectrum. It also includes audio interviews that are intended to stimulate discussion on ASD and bullying for a range of groups within a school setting e.g. good practice strategies for staff and creative medium for students. Cost: $75 (non-members) $70 (members) contact 8379 6976 to order or use the non electronic order form.

The Power of Peers'

Is a peer awareness program developed by Autism SA. There are 4  Power Point presentations on the CD ranging from Early years to High School and identifies key Autism Spectrum Disorder characteristics and how peers can support each other within the school environment. The CD includes Autism Information Sheet, information to assist presentations and frequently asked questions and answers. The CD is $50.00 plus postage and handling (1-3 $8.00 and 4+ $12.00). Order Form

‘Sensory Activities for Fantabulastic Kids’ (2000)

A practical booklet of activities for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or sensory processing difficulties. Cost: $15.00 (non-members), $10.00 (members).

Bully Defence Strategy – Teaching Resource

The Bully Defence Strategy not only teaches a child how to deal with a bully but also enables them to recognise bullying when it does occur. They can protect themselves when they are being bullied and are able to give support to a peer who is being bullied. Cost: $5.00, inc GST and postage.

Communication Folders

This is a durable plastic ring binder 27 x 24.5cm used to organise pictures for communication. The flap extension is useful for attaching a sentence strip. Cost $30.00 (non-members), $27 (members). Order Form

Organisation Folders

Are designed to assist students with organisational skills. Appropriate for all age groups but in particular high school students. The Folders include a CD template, user friendly instructions and stationery such as: exercise books, wallets, ruler, pencil case and fidget toy. The folder is $45 plus postage and handling of $12.00 per folder. Order form (Non electronic)