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Autism Friendly Charter

Tags: Autism, autism friendly, autism acceptance, autism friendly charter, understanding autism

If the world was built for me

"If the world was built for me", the moving writing of Rhi Lloyd-Williams, details the author's ideal framework for a truly inclusive society. An individual on the spectrum, Rhi calls for rules and social norms to accommodate everyone, and her voice is echoed by members of South Australia's autism community, who read from her page in the beautiful video below.

About the Autism Friendly Charter

In order to support people on the autism spectrum participate in their local community Autism SA has devised an Autism Friendly Charter which has been funded by the NDIS Community Inclusion and Capacity Development Fund.

The Charter will assist business, organisations and venues to build capacity, inclusivity, understanding and awareness of the autism spectrum. The charter will provide principles for organisations to uphold, guidance and awareness training of the autism spectrum, thus supporting these environments to be autism friendly.

The range of services and environments we would like to participate include: sports clubs, recreational facilities, cinemas, supermarkets, playgrounds, restaurants, dentists, hairdressers, swimming pools, and leisure facilities. The list is endless. Any organisation that provides a service to the public that wishes to demonstrate their commitment to a socially inclusive community is encouraged to sign up.

For more information please visit the Autism Friendly Charter website.