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Fund my Neighbourhood

Nov 3 2017 3:36 PM

Hi everyone

We would welcome your support by adding your votes to assist the autism community to obtain “Fund My Neighbourhood” grant funding for projects across SA.

What is Fund My Neighbourhood?

“Fund My Neighbourhood” is a $40m grant fund that the State Government will give to various projects across the state. What they need is for South Australians to register and vote on the projects they would like to see funded, before Monday 20th November.

Many of these projects will benefit the autism community in one way or another and we encourage you to have a look at them and vote for them.

Sounds simple, yes? But it’s not as straightforward as you might think… because there are so many of these projects to choose from, the rules of voting are quite complex and you can only:

  • Vote if you are registered on the Your Say site (click on the link to do this)
  • Vote on projects within your designated neighbourhood, based on the address you enter when you register
  • Vote on between 3-5 projects
  • Vote only once
  • Vote if you are aged over 18 years.

Many people have questions about this and you can look them up online or attend a Voting Workshop in your local area (times and locations here).

How you can help the autism community, and your neighbourhood

Once you have registered to vote, please go to the Fund My Neighbourhood page, log in and click on the tab at the top left which reads “Browse Ideas”.

Then input the word autism in the search box labelled Keyword and enter.

Any projects related to autism in your voting area will now be displayed (if there are any), and I encourage you to consider them and vote for them if you feel they will be of benefit to our community.

There might not be any autism-related projects in your area so I also encourage you to consider what else would be of benefit to your local community and vote on those. Remember, the site asks you to vote for between 3-5 projects.

Queries? Questions?

Because this is a State Government initiative, queries and questions will need to be directed to them and Autism SA recommends you speak to the Fund My Neighbourhood experts directly.

Please contact their team online or via the details below:

Thank you!

Thank you on behalf of everyone in our autism community in anticipation of your voting. I also take this opportunity to thank those people who have submitted projects that offer facilities, programs and spaces for the benefit of our autism community.

Every bit of support helps us all.

With Kind Regards

Jenny Karavolos
Chief Executive Officer, Autism SA

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