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General Workshops for Families


Workshop Title & Information




An Introduction to the Autism Spectrum for families and carers

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28th May 2018

10:00am - 12:00pm

Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum Manage Anxiety - FULL

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19th June 2018

10am - 12:00pm

The Autism Spectrum and Social Skills - FULL

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26th June 2018

1:00pm - 3:00pm


Empowering individuals on the autism spectrum

Hear the inspirational journey, reflections, tips and advice from Dr. Wenn Lawson; internationally renowned psychologist, lecturer, author and person on the autism spectrum

This workshop is a must for individuals on the spectrum and anyone who provides support such as parents, educators and therapists and is sure to be an absolute insight and inspiration, full of useful tips and strategies to help people on the spectrum, and those who support, to empower people on the autism spectrum to truly live the lives that they choose.

Information and Activities for siblings of children on the Autism Spectrum (for siblings aged 8-12 years)

This session is an opportunity for siblings to come together in a supportive environment to talk about the autism spectrum and what it means for them.  Our presenters also discuss strategies for siblings and look at support networks through group and individual activities.

Helping children on the spectrum manage anxiety

It is very common for people on the spectrum to experience varying degrees of anxiety. Learn more about anxiety, its impact on behaviour, and some strategies for helping individuals and families as a whole to better manage feelings of anxiety.

The Autism Spectrum and social skills                                                                       

This session will introduce some of the social difficulties that children on the spectrum experience, and discuss a variety of strategies that can assist them.

Advanced understanding of the autism spectrum

This workshop will provide participants with a deeper understating about the autism spectrum including the latest research relating to autism. Participants will also develop a greater understanding about the spectrum by seeing individuals on the spectrums perspectives through the use of video, readings and personal stories. It is recommended that participants that attend this workshop have previously attended ‘An introduction to the autism spectrum for families and carers’.

Supporting siblings on the autism spectrum for parents and carers

Tips for families/carers on how to address the needs of siblings who have a brother or sister on the autism spectrum. Includes common issues the individual and family may face as well as the role of the paent/carer and helpful resources and strategies. This is for parents/carers.

 What Autism Means to Me (for over 18 year olds)

A discussion about Autism for people with Autism.  This workshop is for individuals who would like to discuss the characteristics of the diagnosis, how these characteristics impact on their lives in a positive and challenging way, and some strategies to help manage difficulties more easily.

Developing Social Understanding for People on the Autism Spectrum                                                                         

This session will introduce some of the social difficulties that children on the spectrum experience and discuss a variety of strategies that can assist them.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Part 1

This workshop introduces the nature and function of complex behaviour and looks into positive behaviour support model for individuals on the autism spectrum. It is recommended that participants also attend Teaching Positive Behaviour Support Strategies (PBS) part 2 to learn about practical strategies to minimise complex behaviour and build new skills.

Teaching positive behaviour (PBS) support strategies Part 2

Come along to discuss and review examples of strategies used to teach people on the spectrum to reduce behaviours of concern. Examples include visual supports, social narratives, creating schedules and routines, and introducing reward systems.  Pre-requisite: prior attendance Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Part 1


These workshops can also be requested by and presented for Family Support Groups.

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